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It depends on what your needs are. The kung fu program is design to help you with your body conditioning from weight loss to strengthening your body. The kung fu class focus is more on practical use of Kung Fu therefore we work a lot on the self defense, the Traditional forms, a lot of bag work on the punching and kicking bag, kicks, and sparring drills. As for the Wushu class we focus more on the competition side of Wushu. We do a lot of Nandu Practice which are require moments ( kicks, jumps, and flip) We primarily focus on our forms. (Taolu) Our goal in the Wushu Class is to train to be on the US Wushu Teams for the Teens and for weight loss and flexibility for Adults. 
Therefore in Short, if you want to train to be able to defend yourself and take your body to the next level then Kung Fu is right for you. If you loves to compete in competition and want to take your skills( flexibility, strength,endurance) to the next level then Wushu is for you. 


Our plans starts at 2Xweek (85/month) and goes up to 5Xweek. You can chose and pick any of the days your program is each week. Theres is no set day on which class you must attend. We also offer (a 1 day a week plan is also available for those that can not make it to 2xWeek and that would be a drop in rate of $17/class. or $60/Month.) 


Yes and No..Even though Sifu would love to accept everyone that wants to learn Kung fu and Wushu it is Sifu's responsibility to make sure the passing of the art is done correctly. We do a trial class for everyone that wants to join the academy and then we do a 3 month trail where Sifu will evaluate your strength and weaknesses along with your characteristic to see if Sifu can either help you further your training. This is how it is done in back in the days.. Sifu take his job very seriously and would like his students to take their training seriously also. By picking the students Sifu ensures that everyone in the class will work together and help each other grow. A positive atmosphere is required in all classes in order for our students to grow to their maximum capability.


Great Question!! Here at the Academy we focus on one thing! Personal Growth! Your personal growth! Not the school personal growth!  Unlike most school we do not hand out ranks here at the academy and we make sure you go through the right training to get where you want to be faster and more efficiently. We do not play pricing games our rates stays the same and we do not offer "deals" to get in the door and leave you hanging. We do offer 3 and 6 months rate at a 10% discount but that it. Our Sifu and Instructors' work very hard each class to get you where you want to be. We do not have many blacks belts as other schools but our student have out performed many blacks belt in other school competing at their same level if not higher!! We are here to train hard and we get results! 


"The Chinese Kung Fu Wushu Academy is an oustanding martial arts school. Owner and instructor Sifu Binh Nguyen is the real deal. Highly trained, two black belts, a brilliant, knowledgable and patient teacher to children and adults. Our entire family take classes there. Our shy ten year old loves her classes as does our teenager. And my husband and I- in our 40's- are healthier than we've been in years."  

Melanie DeSilva

“Very great school. I have been goong going there since I was six and i cant tell you enough how anazing the instructors are. They will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that you are the best you can be. Our sifu is very skilled at his material and will give you quite a diverse set to learn from. By all means check it out and of you have any questions i would be glad to answer them.”

Cody O.

“The Kung Fu Academy is under the new leadership of long time instructors Sifu Binh and Sifu Jonathan. This is absolutely a positive step forward for the school.” 

“If your interested in learning traditional Martial Arts, specifically traditional Chinese Martial Arts or Modern Contemporary Wushu and live in the Springfield or Chicopee MA area, this is the place for you. 

A positive, encouraging, nurturing, family environment that will help both children and adults become the best they can be.”

Jarrell B.

“TCKWA is an amazing school the sifu is so nice and understanding but when kids come out they have obviously improved. I highly recommend this studio to anyone looking to try Martial arts”

Ryan G.

“Super fun classes, I'm constantly engaged and challenged to grow and learn.”

Mark R.