Binh Nguyen

Sifu Binh started his martial Arts Training in 1997 when he first started learning Aikido. He later found a Kung Fu school through some of his childhood friends and later joined them. It was at this Martial Arts school where he felt right at home and was able to expand his true talent.

Throughout his Kung Fu training years Sifu Binh had the opportunity to train with some very talented and Famous Martial Artist. Some of them are Master Hu Jiangiang, (Martial Art Icon, teammates of Jet Li, and made many Movies with Jet Li in China), Master Daniel Pesina ( Mortal Kombat Video Game co-creator and Sifu Binh is still learning from him to date.)Master Pesina frequent visits our Academy and teaches our students and instructors once or twice a year when he is in town. Sifu Binh has also had the privilege to learn from China action movie star Gordan Liu, and many top Wushu Athletes from the Wushu Team in China and the US.

Sifu Binh got his Traditional Kung Fu Black belt in 2002 from his main teacher, Sifu Ken Grimshaw. he later earned his Wushu Black Sash in 2010. Sifu Binh is highly trained in Traditional Kung Fu and Compulsory Wushu. Throughout his competition career Sifu BInh has earned many first place medals in both National and International Tournaments. Some of his medals were in Southern Fist( Nan-Quan) , Northern Fist( Chang-Quan),Broadsword, Straight-sword, Staff, and Chain Whip.

Sifu Binh also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Sifu Binh feels that a proper education is very important to Human Development.

Sifu Binh Main mission in opening his Martial Arts School is simple “ I want to help spread the Arts of Kung Fu and Wushu to my community and to help my students be the best they can be to better their life”

Sifu Binh was also featured in the Gazette Personal I.D. part of their newspaper. 

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Sifu Binh is also a member of the United States of America Wushu Kung Fu Federation. 



Sifu Jonathan is a close friend and fellow Kung Fu brother of Sifu Binh. Both Sifu Jonathan and Sifu Binh started together at the same Kung Fu school. Sifu Jonathan is a 5th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Kung Fu. Sifu Jonathan is an expert in Self Defense,Sparring, and all traditional Kung Fu.

Sifu Jonathan is the head Kung Fu Teacher at our Chicopee Location.